About me

I am a graduate student at the University of Ottawa with a degree in Computer Engineering based out of Ottawa, Canada. I have a passion for software engineering, IT, and data networking. I am currently seeking internships and full time positions in the fields of Software development, Design verification, and Information Technology.

I have a solid programming background in Java, Python, C/C++, SQL, and VHDL. Highly analytical, motivated and skilled at solving programming problems. Able to work well both independently and in a team environment.

My interests

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    Web development

    Full stack application development using React, and different database solutions such as PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Firebase.

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    Hardware Development

    Digital systems design and FPGA development using VHDL. Testbench for designs. Interfacing hardware using C language. Familiar with Altera Quartus and Xilinx Vivado.

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    IT & networking

    Completed undergaduate coursework in Data Networking fundamentals, and Cybersecurity. Packet analysis using Cisco Packet tracer and familiar with Linux systems.

Technical Skills

  • Programming languages

  • Python, JavaScript, C/C++, VHDL, HTML, CSS

  • Frameworks

  • React, Node, Express, Flask

  • Databases

  • Firebase, MongoDB, PostreSQL, SQLite

  • Tools & Services

  • Git Source Control, Visual Studio, Android Studio, Code Composes, Quartus, Vivado